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Poetic License: ‘Vitreous Floater: Stranger In My Eye’

By JOE PACHECO - | Sep 9, 2021


(To the tune of “Strangers in the Night”)

Stranger in my eye,

Exchanging glances,

Wandering side to side

With floating dances,

From inside my eye

Across my sight you glide.

Something in my eye

Is not exciting,

Something in my eye

Is just inciting

Danger in my eye

From somewhere deep inside.

Stranger in my eye

Outside my pupil,

It’s a strange thing in my eye

From every moment

When it said its first hello,

Little did I know

It would float and dance all day

And never ever go away.

Ever since that night,

We’ve been together,

Clouding up my sight

A pest forever,

Nothing looks quite right

With stranger in my eye.

*Floaters, also called vitreous floaters, are particles that float in the vitreous and cast shadows on the retina; seen as spots, cobwebs, spiders, et cetera. Occurs normally with aging, after cataract surgery or with vitreous detachment, retinal tears or inflammation.