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‘Sanibel of Spain and Her Love for a Buccaneer’ published

By Staff | Sep 1, 2021


Author Maria Cecilia Di Passos announced the recent publication of her book, “Sanibel of Spain and Her Love for a Buccaneer.” When Rodrigo, Gasparilla’s right-hand man, returned to Spain to fulfill his promise to enrich the life of his beloved Sanibel … she discovers something very “valuable” in his belongings. Unbeknownst to him, she snatches the object he was careful to protect. She was shocked when she found out what it was. She realizes it is Gasparilla’s diary that Rodrigo took from him before boarding the old FloridaBlanca. What she did not know is that Rodrigo stole Gasparilla’s diary. Di Passos resides in Florida with her husband. Before retiring, she worked in the educational system with immigrant students, mainly from Central America. Paperback copies and Kindle editions of “Sanibel of Spain and Her Love for a Buccaneer” are available on Amazon.