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Bahama, little strongbark are beneficial

By SCCF - | Aug 4, 2021
SCCF Bahama strongbark flowers
SCCF Little strongbark
SCCF Bahama strongbark

Native to South Florida and the Florida Keys, Bahama strongbark (Bourreria succulenta) and little strongbark (Bourreria cassinifolia) are a couple of plants that will provide you with color almost year-round and are very beneficial to the region’s insects and wildlife. Bahama strongbark is a 15- to 25-foot weeping tree, while the little strongbark is a shrub averaging 4-8 feet. Both plants exhibit the same fragrant white flowers, which are followed by showy orange berries. The flowers attract a multitude of pollinators from bees to hummingbirds — as well as hummingbird moths — to butterflies, while the bright-orange berries attract birds. Both tend to do best in full sun and dry soils and can be used for screening or can stand alone as a specimen tree or shrub.