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San-Cap Optimist Club announces Road Rally results

By OPTIMIST CLUB - | Jul 23, 2021

PHOTO PROVIDED Sanibel Captiva Optimist Club members Randy Carson, left, and Richard McCurry with Sanibel Mayor Holly Smith, who assisted at the 41st Annual Freedom Road by waving the starting flag at the line.

The Sanibel Captiva Optimist Club recently announced the winners of the 41st Annual Freedom Road Rally, held on July 3. Proceeds raised from the event will help to fund six college scholarships that the club awards, along with activities for the islands’ youths at the Sanibel Recreational Center and more.

The top placing teams, and last one in, were as follows:

– First place: Martini Mommas

– Second place: This Vehicle Doesn’t Break for Suckers

– Third place: Shrimply the Best


– Fourth place: The Sailors of SanCap PakNShip

– Coveted last place: The Happy Hour Four

The rest of the teams in the rally came in as follows:

– Fifth place: Freedom Loving Armiehs

– Sixth place: No Ragrets


– Seventh place: Beach Bums

– Eighth place: Tamalesa

– Ninth place: Poppy’s Posse

– 10th place (tie): Wineaux and M.Squared

– 11th place: MeMe’s Gang


– 12th place: Sanibel Chebbie

– 13th place: On Island

– 14th place: The Sanibel Captiva Guide

– 15th place: All is Well on Sanibel

– 16th place: Team Francis Bailey


– 17th place: Paradise Pirates

– 18th place: Rays for Days

– 19th place: Island Taxi

– 20th place: Magical Mystery Tour

– 21st place: A Couple for Coconuts


– 22nd place: King Charles

– 23rd place (tie): Murphy Hurricanes and Go 4 Gophers

– 24th place: Gateway Gators

– 25th place: White Wolf

– 26th place: Long Shots

– 27th place: Tennessee Turners

– 28th place: Best in Show

– 29th place: Augie’s Auto

– 30th place: It’s a Howe Thing

– 31st place: Twin Palms

– 32nd place: Sealoft Squad

– 33rd place: Max Power

– 34th place: Gary’s Crew

– 35th place: Team Lane