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Poetic License: ‘Janus: The Two Faces of Poetry’

By JOE PACHECO - | Jun 15, 2021



Don’t blow it, poet,

Don’t abuse your muse,

If you want to rhyme

Then take the time

To pay your dues.

Don’t grow it, poet

Don’t add like mad,

Leave most of it out,

The pain and doubt,

The good and bad,

Don’t show it, poet,

Don’t call it all,

But let it ride

Till something inside

Breaks through your wall.

Then you’ll know it, poet —

Not wrong or long,

but sharp and tight

and filled with light

will be your song.


Don’t blow it, poet,

Don’t lose your muse,

Not trim and clean

But raw and mean

Will spread your news.

Don’t hoe it, poet,

Make the beat too neat,

Words row on row

Will only sow

Seeds of repeat.

Don’t go it, poet,

Alone on your own,

Find room to spare

For all to share

What you have known

Don’t stow it, poet,

Away all day,

Read it aloud

For the hungry crowd

To shout hooray!