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Sanibel Sea School welcomes seasonal staff

By SANIBEL SEA SCHOOL - | Jun 11, 2021

SANIBEL SEA SCHOOL Alex Polk, Mary Buerer, Hannah Galbreath and Harley Berges with Jaden Cabrera, bottom.

The Sanibel Sea School recently welcomed five counselors to help with summer camp this year.

Counselors play an integral role by keeping the campers safe, leading day groups and facilitating ocean experiences for the participants. They are typically high school graduates or currently enrolled in college. Many have backgrounds in early childhood education or marine biology, but all have a passion for working with children.

Alex Polk and Jaden Cabrera are veteran campers, having grown up in the program, and are excited to share similar experiences with new campers. Mary Buerer was slated to be a counselor last summer before the pandemic. When the camp was canceled, she continued through the summer as an education intern. Hannah Galbreath and Harley Berges are new to Sanibel Sea School and have strong interests in environmental conservation and teaching children about the ocean.

Staff begins working two weeks prior to camp to undergo extensive training and preparation. The training kicks off with a weekend course in lifeguarding before finalizing camp activities, preparing the grounds for the campers’ arrival, and putting the last-minute touches on each week of camp.

“We love having our staff grow in the summer with the addition of the summer camp counselors,” Education Programs Manager Shannon Stainken said. “It is great to have some extra hands on deck, some new energy and personalities, and more colleagues who are passionate about sharing the ocean with others.”

Part of the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation family, the Sanibel Sea School’s mission is to improve the ocean’s future, one person at a time.