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We need the Center 4 Life back again

By Staff | Apr 30, 2021

To the editor:

As a member of Island Seniors for 15 years, I have been involved in this wonderful organization in many ways … through exercise classes, serving on the board, attending shows, concerts and Florida attractions to enjoy and learn more about what our state and island offers.

I have helped out whenever it was needed, such as co-teaching a nutrition class called Waist Management, helping out with Trash & Treasures, and serving as coordinator of the Island Seniors Arts & Crafts Fair for 10 years. This event is unlike any other on the island … more than 40 local vendors say this is their only event and their favorite event all year. When people show up at the door, they ask what is the entry fee, and our member at the front desk, often Katie Reid, tells them this is a free community event to create awareness of the Center 4 Life. Before walking through the building to see the arts and crafts, many of them stop to learn about Island Seniors, pick up a newsletter and sign up to be members. That is our welcoming spirit … just come on in, meet some friendly people and see what we have to offer. That’s all many people need to hear. This is place they want to join. And they do, and rejoin year after year because here’s where they can show up for aerobics, yoga, bridge, kayaking, or other activities and they will be welcomed. “So good to see you again! How was your summer? Glad to have you back here! Sit down and grab a cup of coffee!”

So many seniors live alone, and Island Seniors is their family. Many of them are here several times a week because they feel comfortable and welcomed. Please don’t take this away … it’s a huge benefit to living on or near Sanibel.

Because of COVID, our members have gone for over a year without the place they need to gather and socialize. We need this again. We need to hug our old friends and welcome new people who walk into the door.

Please give us a place to do this as soon as possible. And please give us a new home — the bank building — so once again we can join old friends and meet new friends. That’s what we truly need. It is what keeps us active on this beautiful island.

Eileen Kehoe