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Contact city in support of community gem

By Staff | Apr 29, 2021

To the editor:

We are concerned about a proposal that may come before Sanibel City Council on May 4. This proposal intends to ask the city council to shift dedicated funding from the Center for Life, at 2401 Library Way, to an alternate use, potentially upgrading Sanibel police office space.

We are not in favor of diverting the Center for Life monies from its original purpose.

The center is a vital Sanibel community in the heart of Sanibel. The center programming reflects population needs, and its reasonable cost allows for participant diversity. In consecutive city council needs assessments, the center has demonstrated that additional space was necessary and a worthwhile investment. Therefore, in 2019, the city council approved funding for an expansion. In the past two years, there has not been any change to the center’s needs that would substantiate diverting loan funding.

For those who have signed this letter, the Center for Life is part of our Sanibel life, providing a home for activity and exercise. In 2019, we formed a drop-in weekly knitting session at the center, attracting participants from a wide range of Sanibel residences. We all have found fellowship and community within the center’s walls. As residents of Sanibel, the center is a part of how we form healthy connections. We all have a personal story reflecting our joint statement, “I wouldn’t have met you if it wasn’t for the Center for Life.”

We hope that you will also reach out to Sanibel City Council in support of this community gem.

Deborah Boehm

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sally Ettlinger


Kathy Hopkins

Ithaca, New York

Miriam Pepper


Kim Short

Huntsville, Canada