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Lee County DCD to transition to electronic submittal process


The Lee County Department of Community Development is transitioning to a fully electronic submittal process beginning April 19 for building permit, zoning, planning and development order applications.

Contractors, design professionals and agents will be required to submit applications and supporting documents through the DCD Public Portal, which is called eConnect. Any paper submittals received before April 19 will remain a paper process through issuance and/or approval.

As DCD transitions to a fully electronic process, paper drop-offs will no longer be accepted unless the customer qualifies for an exception, including:

– Property owners who qualify as “owner-builders” may submit building permit applications in-person.

– Property owners without a professional agent may submit zoning, planning and development order applications in-person.

– Submission of documents required by state statute, Lee County or other agencies to be provided as original signed hard copies are exempt from electronic submittal; for example, bond riders, bond reductions, conservation easements, plat recording documents and easement agreements. Application submittal requirements will indicate which documents must be provided as hard copies. Anyone who is unsure may contact DCD Planners or Reviewers at 239-533-8585.

To ease the transition, DCD offers free eConnect training. The training covers the eConnect Public Portal and how to register for an account, apply for and track permits and petitions, and how to upload documents to resolve conditions. To sign up, go to https://www.leegov.com/dcd/eServ/econnect.

To learn about the online process at Lee County DCD, visit www.leegov.com/dcd/eServ.

For more information, email econnect@leegov.com or call 239-533-8343.