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Park crew doing a great job

By Staff | Apr 6, 2021

To the editor:

I’m not one to throw around compliments willy-nilly. As a matter of fact, one of my pet peeves are people using an overabundance of platitudes. (I don’t think that sullen check out girl really cares if I have a good day or not).

However, because I’m so impressed, I’m compelled to tell anyone who will listen about the Lighthouse Park and beach. I’ve been going there early, almost every morning, for about six months now to walk my new dog. I challenge anyone to go there, at any time, and catch the crew of caretakers not working. They are constantly sweeping, blowing, washing down, emptying bins and picking up after thoughtless visitors.

The bathrooms are immaculate! The whole place is magnificently groomed and cared for, including the beach, parking areas and the roads which need constant upkeep. These guys in the orange tee shirts are doing a great job! And they do it with a smile and a “good morning!” I have to say it again … great job!

Gene Lopez