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SanCap Group holds annual shareholders meeting

By TRUST COMPANY - | Apr 2, 2021


On March 18, The Sanibel Captiva Trust Company Founder and Chairman Al Hanser welcomed shareholders, board members, advisory board members and employees to the 20th Annual SanCap Group Inc. Shareholders Meeting, which was held virtually.

He provided an update on the firm’s 48 employees, 10 of whom have joined over the last 18 months. The board of directors for the holding company and the trust company is at 13 members. Special thanks went to retiring Board Members Cheryl Giattini, of Sanibel, and Dolph von Arx, of Naples, for their years of service.

“We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Cheryl and Dolph, who have been very generous with their professional wisdom as we grew the company over the last 21 years,” Hanser said. “They have earned emeritus status and will continue to be listed among those directors who have been with us since the early years and contributed to our success.”

He went on to thank each market’s advisory board, whose members serve as ambassadors in the community and advisors to that market’s trust company team.

Hanser also unveiled the company’s new Mission, Vision and Values Statement — a result of an in-depth strategic planning effort last year, aligning the statement with today’s company, client and shareholder expectations. He covered the health and growth of SanCap Group Inc. stock and reviewed the Employee Stock Ownership Plan, which is a retirement benefit for employees.


Chief Executive Officer Terry Igo presented on the financials and highlighted key points:

– The annualized growth in revenue over the past five consecutive years came to +14 percent, while annualized growth in profit over the same time period resulted in +32 percent.

– The average annual return on equity (ROE) over the past five years is at +30 percent.

– Assets under management increased 15 percent from 2019 even with COVID-19.

“We are very pleased to announce that The Trust Company just surpassed $3 billion in assets under management in March,” Igo said. “This is not only due to healthy stock markets, but the consistent quality and delivery of The Trust Company’s services to our clients.”


He went on to say that the company’s geographic growth will remain along the Gulf Coast.

“Expanding within our current footprint offers us an abundance of opportunity as we continue to deepen our services by offering estate settlement, financial planning and targeted family office functions, while nurturing the next generation of our clients across all services,” Igo said.

Chief Investment Officer Ian Breusch expounded on the current economic environment and how the portfolio management team is approaching trending opportunities in the marketplace. The team sees the U.S. economy continuing to rebound from the low of March of last year through 2021 and beyond.

“We remain optimistic regarding stocks due to broad based economic recovery and continued improvement in the labor market; significant fiscal and monetary stimulus and historically low interest rates which are likely to remain,” he said.

Breusch commented that if stocks do sell off during 2021, the team will be ready to buy some of the opportunistic deals with lower stock valuations. However, traditional valuation metrics still matter as stock prices eventually do correlate with their underlying sales, earnings and cash flows. Longer-term expectations for U.S. stocks remain favorable, with a projection of 5 percent to 7 percent long-term average annual returns, he said.