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Osprey nest monitors needed on Captiva

By TIOF - | Feb 23, 2021

The International Osprey Foundation is seeking “citizen scientists” on Captiva to locate and monitor osprey nests on.

“Monitoring is easy and fun and can be done by land or sea,” Carol Smith, coordinator of the nest monitoring groups, said.

TIOF has been monitoring osprey nests on Sanibel for over 20 years.

“We want to expand our data to include the osprey on Captiva,” Smith said.

The nesting season begins in January and ends in May. Even though the season is already under way, volunteers are still welcome. Volunteers have designated routes and observe the nests about every two weeks. Nesting data documents the health and breeding of ospreys, as well as how environmental factors such as water quality and fish availability affect their nesting success.

Those interested can contact TIOF at P.O. Box 250, Sanibel, FL 33957, or email TIOF@outlook.com.