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SCCF announces launch of refreshed look

By SCCF - | Feb 18, 2021


The Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation recently unveiled a new refreshed look and logo.

“The iconic SCCF logo served the organization well for 53 years,” Chief Executive Officer Ryan Orgera said. “Our new logo acknowledges how we have evolved from our founding focus on land to our expanded focus on coastal ecosystems today.”

The SCCF has been engaged in the development of a new logo — one that represents who and what it is today — for the past year. The new logo is based on three elements and inspired by the work it does to protect land, water and wildlife.


Sawgrass is an iconic wetland plant — giving the River of Grass its famous nickname. The islands would have originally been covered in marsh vegetation, including cordgrass and sawgrass. Wetlands are at the heart of the SCCF’s restoration and preservation efforts and are the geographic feature that makes the islands so unique.

SCCF SCCF's logo beginning in 1967.


The subtle blue waves reflect the SCCF’s work on water quality, marine wildlife and sea-level rise — a central theme in its work, from the wetlands to the Caloosahatchee and the Gulf of Mexico.


Inspired by the royal tern, the SCCF chose a shorebird to represent the third pillar of its work. Shorebirds are a great representation of the space where water and land connect, and they symbolize the importance of the monitoring and research work the SCCF does with various species of wildlife.

Officials reported that the SCCF also has a new tagline, “Connecting you to nature.

SCCF SCCF's logo beginning in 1978.

In launching the new logo, the SCCF is gradually transitioning from the familiar pelican and island outline drawing that has served to represent it since it was drawn by founding board member Ann Winterbotham in 1967. In 1978, renowned artist Ikki Matsumoto stylized it, giving it the iconic look that has established the SCCF’s visual motif for more than four decades.

“SCCF has thrived since its founding because of the amazing partnership we have with our community to protect and care for nature,” Orgera said. “Our new look and tagline, ‘Connecting you to nature,’ will help us widen our net and grow our network of support, educating newcomers to our region as well as visitors on the value of our environment and our collective commitment to stewardship.”

The new logo was created by Doug Cook, a Sanibel-based designer and resident who is partnering with the SCCF on the roll-out. He also designed the new bi-annual magazine, “Connecting You to Nature,” which recently premiered through a mailing to SCCF members, elected officials, and postal customers on Sanibel and Captiva. Officials also thanked SCCF trustees Sandy Gross and Tom Libonate for their leadership in the development of the new logo and tagline.

SCCF SCCF's logo beginning in 200