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Recommend Miller for council

By Staff | Feb 16, 2021

To the editor:

In the soon approaching election for Sanibel City Council we have a number of qualified candidates. We would like to note some of the characteristics that lead to a strong recommendation for Mike Miller as the most qualified of them.

We have lived on Sanibel for nearly two decades and are legal residents. In this time we have observed that Miller has spent many hours in leadership, president, and planning activities regarding the Sanibel Bicycle Club with a resulting steady series of improvement to the Shared Use Path. His contributions of time and expertise to develop a Master Plan for this pathway has benefited all residents and visitors. For the past six to seven years he has attended the great majority of city council meetings, thus he is up to date with all that is currently happening with the numerous decisions that are needed after the election is over. Another example of his leadership capabilities was seen in the many hours he spent as a member of the Committee of the Islands board, which certainly called for knowledgable interaction with the city council.

It is evident that his many years of service to fellow citizens shows that it is not a recent whim that leads him to seek election to city council.

Ed and Sharon Hannon