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Poetic License: ‘No Diamonds or Roses’

By JOE PACHECO - | Feb 16, 2021


(Valentine’s Day 2013)

No diamonds or roses this Valentine’s Day —

Only a cost-free kiss to ensure

True love stays truer than 401K.

Who’ll bail us out from a bank holiday,

Protect our love from foreclosure

And no diamonds and roses on Valentine’s Day?

We’ll have to forego that getaway,

Weekends at home we’ll have to endure,

Love will have to be truer than our 401K.

If perhaps we set limits on CEO’s pay,

Four years from now we might then be sure

Of diamonds and roses on Valentine’s Day.

But stimulus must work without delay,

Before our president completes his tour

And our love stays truer than 401K.

Obama’s the one for whom we must pray

To keep us safe, financially secure

For diamonds and roses next Valentine’s Day,

To keep our love greater than 401K.