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Must remain diligent with precautions

By Staff | Feb 9, 2021

To the editor:

Sanibel’s COVID-19 policy has been a great success so far. Let’s look at the statistics, according to the state of Florida. As of Feb. 1, Lee County as a whole has had 52,262 cases, out of a total population of 779,577. So, 6.8 percent of residents have tested positive. Sanibel has had 207 cases, out of a population of 7,402, and zero deaths. This equates to 2.8 percent of the island population with a positive test. Sanibel has a mask proclamation, and the rest of Lee County does not.

Although the vaccine is an amazing advance for science, now is not the time to relax our precautions. The precautions we have taken, although inconvenient, are working. We must remain diligent with mask wearing and limiting indoor gatherings. It is hard, but we must all remain patient. Let’s continue to build on our success.

Dr. Scott Crater