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Bat Yam holds adult learning seminar on climate change

By BAT YAM - | Feb 4, 2021

Lenny Hochschild, an expert in the environmental commodities field, remembers waking up in his San Francisco home last year and realizing, “The sun didn’t come up.” A thick layer of fog, fueled by the wildfires that devastated the western seaboard, engulfed the sky. The smoke was so severe that throughout the day, the only sign of the sun was a fiery orange glow. It was as if the hypotheticals he dealt with at work, and the future problems that he worked to avoid, were staring him in the face.

“That was the first time that I, as somebody who works in this industry, was truly alarmed,” Hochschild said. “Not only for myself and my immediate family, but certainly for my kids.”

In January, he shared his expertise on climate change with congregants at the Bat Yam Temple of the Islands as a part of its Adult Learning Seminar Series. In his talk, Hochschild detailed the truths the world is facing today: rising temperatures and warming oceans, 19-billion-ton increase of greenhouse gas emissions per year, and natural disasters cropping up over the world, from wildfires to hurricanes.

“This is the issue of our day” he said.

Vickie Fuchs, chair of Bat Yam’s Adult Education Committee, spoke on the importance of educating the public on the issue of climate change.

“We only have one earth” she said. “And if we were to keep going at the pace we are going, we would destroy the earth.”

Hochschild facilitated more than just a conversation about the problems the climate faces today. He also detailed how the Torah calls upon the Jewish people to protect the earth, and then he explained the necessary paths that Fortune 500 companies and global leaders are taking in order to save the planet.

“I left the talk feeling positive because there are so many countries, cities and states who are now very serious about decreasing carbon emissions,” Fuchs said. “And people are working really hard.”

To watch the seminar, visit https://youtu.be/4mq0WnbbegQ.