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Talking Points to present Sherr on Internet privacy

By BIG ARTS - | Feb 3, 2021


The Internet has made privacy a thing of the past. Companies like Google and Facebook create profiles of everything from users’ shopping habits to their voting preferences. After a series of high-profile privacy breaches, however, efforts are underway to reform the industry.

Ian Sherr, editor-at-large for CNET, is part of the BIG ARTS Talking Points series and will address Internet privacy issues virtually on Feb. 11 at 4 p.m. in “Is Internet Privacy Even Possible?” He will discuss what changes are being made in the industry, as well as ways the public, as individuals, may be able to stay under the Big Brother radar.

“People may not know you when walking down the street, but the Internet is watching your every move,” he said. “Tech companies are investing untold billions of dollars to learn what you buy, what sites you visit and who you interact with each day. And it’s all so that they can sell you another gadget, doodad or gizmo.”

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Sherr has been writing about mobile devices, social networking, VR, Apple, Microsoft, games, and parenting for more than a decade. Previously, he wrote about Apple, the PC industry and video games at The Wall Street Journal. Sherr has also written for Reuters and the Agence France-Presse, among others.

Participants can live stream the program with Ian Sherr and text questions and comments during the talk. The program and remote login and participation instructions will be sent in advance.

For more information or tickets, call the box office at 239-395-0900.