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Historical village announces new volunteer coordinator

By HISTORICAL VILLAGE - | Jan 27, 2021


The Sanibel Historical Museum and Village welcomes Sandy Nering as a volunteer coordinator.

She has been with the village one day a week for the past few years, while she also worked at the Sanibel Recreation Center. In accepting her new position, Nering will now be at the village three days a week, while Volunteer Coordinator Jan Symroski will continue in the role for two days per week.

Nering and her husband moved from Indiana to Sanibel five years ago. She had enjoyed teaching positions, writing grants and chartering a public Spanish Immersion School. Nering and her husband also owned and operated some business ventures. These past experiences facilitate her skill set.

“I enjoy waking up to Sanibel history every morning that I’m at the village,” Nering said. “When you hear the school bell ring in the morning, it’s probably me having more fun.”

Those interested in volunteering can contact Volcoord@sanibelmuseum.org or 239-472-1856.

For more information, visit www.sanibelmuseum.org or call 239-472-4648.