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Country is better than this

By Staff | Jan 20, 2021

To the editor:

Like many, I knew violence was planned on Jan. 6, when the Constitution requires the vice president and both houses of Congress to count the electoral votes of all states to certify the results of the election. We watched the votes accepted for Alabama and Alaska, then GOP objections arose when it came to Arizona. Shortly after they broke into separate Houses, chaos ensued because a violent seditious mob breached the Capitol building.

They were not “patriots” or “protesters” in MAGA hats. They became rioters and thugs when they charged up the steps of our Capitol intent upon creating havoc, overthrowing the separate but co-equal branch of government, committing bodily harm to the vice president and Speaker of the House, and damaging the Capitol building itself. It was a coordinated and planned event. For a “law and order” group, they killed one Capitol policeman and injured dozens more. The videotape of the heroic actions of a black Capitol policeman, who drew the mob away from unguarded legislative chambers, shows physically how close members of Congress came to being a potential mass slaughter.

Look at the videotaped comments from earlier on Jan. 6: The 45th president crossed the line publicly and was unmistakably responsible for inciting the insurrection on our Capitol building. He’s been impeached for that. The GOP legislators trying to block certification of the electoral votes as the seditionists breached the Capitol were doing it for their own political gain. After the attack, some had courage to withdraw their objection. The others continued and I don’t know how they sleep at night. The vote count concluded in the early hours of the morning. Vice President Pence did the right thing by rejecting the president’s demands.

Not all who voted to re-elect the 45th president supported the insurrection on Jan. 6. I believe those involved have lost sight of their consciences, their moral core values. They have loyalty to the man who lost the 2020 election, but are disloyal to their country.

On Jan. 20 we have a new administration. I beg those who didn’t vote for President Joe Biden to let it go. Stop the violence. We, as a country, are better than this.

Alison Ward