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City dedicates tree to memory of Century for Arbor Day

By SCCF - | Jan 15, 2021

SCCF Pigeon plum tree planted in honor of Dee Serage Century for Arbor Day.

The Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation reported that as part of the Arbor Day celebration today, the city of Sanibel planted a pigeon plum tree in honor of Dee Serage Century at the Sanibel Community Park Preserve.

Each year, the city celebrates Arbor Day by planting a tree. Century was selected by the Sanibel Vegetation Committee to honor her 37 years of dedicated service as an environmental educator and advocate with the SCCF.

“Through her love and appreciation of nature, Dee researched and developed programs and educational campaigns to help our community understand the rich diversity of plants and wildlife on our barrier island,” committee member Pam Miller said. “Her leadership, enthusiasm and creativity brought Sanibel to the forefront of programs and opportunities to share and educate residents and visitors alike, as to the environmental principles necessary for healthy co-existence with nature.”

The pigeon plum was provided by McCallion & McCallion Realty and supplied by the SCCF’s Native Landscapes & Garden Center. A medium-sized shade tree, it can be viewed from the hiking trail.

Century’s husband, Luc, was deeply touched to know that a tree would commemorate her legacy.

“The first tree she planted in our yard on Buttonwood Lane in 1985 was a pigeon plum. That same tree today is vital, strong and has many different native trees, shrubs and plants alongside of it that Dee planted and loved throughout the years,” he said. “Thank you for recognizing Dee and her deep care for the plant community that is integral in who we are as caretakers of this island.”

The city and SCCF encourages the public to visit the park to see the tree and enjoy time outdoors.

“SCCF and the city have a long-standing partnership in working together to ensure that protecting and caring for nature is a deeply embedded ethic in our community,” SCCF Chief Executive Officer Ryan Orgera said. “We are very pleased to have the memory of SCCF’s longest-serving staff member honored through the 2021 Arbor Day dedication.”

Arbor Day celebrations on Sanibel began 32 years ago when the Vegetation Committee, seeking to become recognized as a Tree City by the Arbor Day Foundation, recommended the city participate in annual observance of Arbor Day. Since 1989, Sanibel has celebrated Arbor Day by planting a tree in honor of a historical figure, local individual or organization. To view the “Arbor Day Trees” list, visit http://www.sccf.org/downloadable-files/6000711a0d60109b3e28a10e.pdf.

The Sanibel Community Park Preserve is at 2231 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel.