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Help with skunk conservation by reporting sightings to FWC

By FWC - | Jan 5, 2021


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission recently launched a new community science project aimed at learning more about Florida’s skunk populations.

The Sunshine State is home to two species of skunks, the striped skunk and the smaller eastern spotted skunk. Both are thought to be found throughout the state and biologists are hoping to involve the public in collecting observations to learn more about the distribution of both species and the types of habitats in which they are found.

“There’s still a lot we don’t know about skunks in Florida,” FWC Mammal Conservation Coordinator Terry Doonan said. “By reporting skunk sightings, you could make a big difference. Your information will help inform future skunk research and habitat management practices.”

To report a skunk sighting, visit MyFWC.com/SkunkSurvey to fill out an online form or email information about a sighting, including species, date, time, location and any photos, to Skunks@MyFWC.com.

For more information about skunks in Florida, visit MyFWC.com/Skunks.