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Troop 1740 takes first place at cooking competition

By BOY SCOUT TROOP 1740 - | Dec 23, 2020


It was a blustery Saturday morning last month when Boy Scout Troop 1740 pulled into the parking lot at the BSA Southwest Florida Council in Fort Myers. Many thoughts centered around the competition. Were there enough ingredients? Should there have been more spices? What about the tomato cans? And would that brand new, three-propane burner camping stove hold up in the windy weather. But the real question was: What would the judges — fourth- and fifth-grade Webelos scouts — think of the troop’s Dutch oven dish, “Chicken Curry.” Curry? Yes, curry.

While scouts Ronan and Kyler got busy chopping, Scoutmaster Jason Maughan and wife Babs fired up the stove. Parents Ken and Kim Kouril fended off impending disaster as they held up the tent poles against the ever increasing wind. The intrepid crew cooked and cooked, regardless of the more than occasional gusts that sent paper plates, napkins and utensils flying everywhere. Who would’ve thought that this was the precursor to more hurricane weather in the month of November?

With barely a minute left on the clock, the dish was done — later to be dubbed “Hurry Curry” — and the pint-size judges came in one after another as the troop dished out over 70 portions to the hungry crowd. There were whispers of “I’ve never had curry” and “Mom, you gotta make this at home!” The troop was pleased, but full of restraint and composure. We all know how it can turn out on the Food Network.

Finally it was time for the awards ceremony, with event emcee District Executive James Laughlin to announce the winners. Third place went to the troop who made “Cowboy Soup.” Second place went to the troop who made “Rosarita Pie.” And then it was time to call the first place winner and Laughlin said, “I wasn’t quite sure how this dish was gonna go over with the kids, but apparently it did, because first place goes to Troop 1740!” Hard work and “Hurry Curry” won the day.