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Poetic License: ‘Winter Solstice 2003 (Year of My Quintuple Bypass)’

By JOE PACHECO - | Dec 23, 2020


I thought at first

The cataracts had come back —

the sun glinting cold and yellow

over the tennis courts

brought out the Bollé glasses.

Nor was noon better —

the sun still low and stuck in time

as I drove on the causeway

to and from

the mainland mall madness,

gray gulf and sky,

whatever shred was left of day

shrouded in jaundiced twilight.

For once I was relieved

to see night begin

with Venus burning bright

and low like a jetliner

and even lower on the horizon —

the thin crescent of moon

slivering into renewal.

From darkest day had come

most shining night

and on this longest night

of my longest year —

the promise

of ever-brightening days

waiting to rise

above my horizons.