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In The Garden: Variegated ginger adds color to shady areas

By IN THE GARDEN - | Dec 23, 2020
PHOTO PROVIDED Variegated ginger

The variegated ginger is a beautifully striped plant with green and yellow foliage that many homeowners and gardeners utilize as part of their landscape design. The flowers are pearly white with a touch of pink that blooms in the late spring or summer. The flowers are slightly fragrant but when the leaves are bruised or crushed it will emit fresh spicy aroma.

Variegated ginger is a great choice to add color in a shaded area. Although they will grow in sun areas, they prefer at least some shade to prevent the leaves from burning. They are a moderate grower, reaching maximum heights to about 5 feet high, but will spread and will need plenty of room to grow. Most often it is a great choice to fill around a shade tree or as an anchor plant within a garden. Other great options for the variegated ginger is as a container plant within a patio or pool area. The foliage also makes a great filler for tropical fresh flower arrangements.

While the variegated ginger prefers well drained soils, it is recommended to include peat moss or a good compost and topsoil when first planting. They do not require much trimming other than some selective pruning and dead leaf removal.

Overall the variegated ginger is a great choice to add to the plant palette to create that tropical look within the landscape.

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