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Former honeymooners name first child after island

By Staff | Dec 23, 2020
PHOTO PROVIDED Kyle and Amy Tarnoviski with daughter Sanibel at a White House Christmas Tour on Dec. 16.

Kyle and Amy Tarnoviski became parents of a beautiful girl on Nov. 8 and named her Sanibel.

The couple were married on Nov. 1, 2019, in Maryland and they honeymooned on Sanibel shortly after their wedding. Kyle Tarnoviski reported that before the wedding, they had a tough time deciding on where to honeymoon. After the strong recommendation from his father, reading wonderful reviews and seeing amazing pictures of the island and city, they chose Sanibel.

When they found out they were having a girl, they had difficulty picking a name for her. For weeks, they could not think of many names they both liked. One night Tarnoviski was thinking of girls’ names from A-Z and said “Annabel,” then he immediately said “Sanibel!” He reported that his thinking was that Sanibel rhymes with Annabel and Sanibel sounds like a girl’s name. He decided to tell his wife his thoughts. She loved the name and after that it was settled. There was only one name that they both liked for their first child and it was Sanibel.

Tarnoviski noted that as fate would have it, they arrived on Sanibel for their honeymoon on Nov. 8, 2019 — exactly one year before Sanibel was born. He added that they were probably waiting for a rental car at the exact one-year mark before she was born, arriving at their condo on Island Inn Road later that afternoon.

The couple reported that they fell in love with the island and city and enjoyed their stay and appreciated the relaxed environment of where they stayed and the surrounding areas. They intend to travel to Sanibel many more times, Lord willing, and take their daughter too. Their daughter will always be a reminder of the start to their marriage and a way to share with others their love for the island.