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Faces on Faith: Thanksgiving?

By REV. BILL VAN OSS - | Dec 8, 2020

PHOTO PROVIDED Rev. William “Bill” Van Oss

Thanksgiving 2020. This year Thanksgiving came during a pandemic, a contentious political season, racial strife and a struggling economy. With all of that it might have been tempting to think we do not have anything to be thankful for, so I spent some time reflecting on what I am thankful for in 2020.

Here are a few things:

– Healthcare workers in hospitals, care facilities and labs.

– Those working on better treatments and vaccines and those participating in clinical trials. People donating plasma to help the sick.

– People serving the ever-growing population of homeless, hungry and unemployed.

– People working in counseling and treatment centers.

– Political leaders willing to make tough decisions to keep people safe.

– People who are staying home when they can and wearing a mask and distancing when they go out.

– Teachers and students adjusting to Zoom classrooms.

– People who are finding creative ways to make music and to share it.

– People reaching out to their neighbor with a phone call, email, note and assurance of prayer.

And personally, I am grateful for:

– Having been called to serve at St. Michael and All Angels and having been so warmly welcomed.

– Having a healthy family and a college freshman making the best of a less than ideal first year.

– Bike rides and walks on the beach.

– The gift of living in such a beautiful place.

– A God who is Emmanuel (“with us”) every step of the way.

Even amid many difficulties, there are so many blessings around us. What are you grateful for this year?

The Rev. William “Bill” Van Oss is the rector at Saint Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church.