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Healthy Lee to kick off Million Mile Movement

By HEALTHY LEE - | Dec 2, 2020

Can the Southwest Florida community collectively log 1 million miles in less than six weeks? That’s what Healthy Lee is asking as it gears up to launch another iteration of the Million Mile Movement.

Healthy Lee — the collaboration made up of local businesses, government, school, health, religious and organizations committed to building a healthier community — will kick off the Million Mile Movement on Dec. 14. Running through Jan. 24, the competition is using a new app called “The Outbreak,” which features family-friendly zombies and is open to all ages and fitness levels. Form a team and use the app to work together to fight your way through zombie character mobs and reach the safe house — before the horde reaches you.

Registration is taking place now through Dec. 5. Employers and organizations are encouraged to purchase a discounted license to sign up their team (3-10 members) at www.HealthyLee.com.

“Staying fit during the holidays can be a challenge, so we opted to move The Million Mile Movement to a time we can all benefit,” Healthy Lee Chair Gary Griffin said. “The event is also a great way to unite our community around the shared goal of better health and well-being. We encourage everyone in Lee County to participate.”

During the challenge, the app will automatically sync with participants’ fitness tracking devices (Apple Watch, Fitbit, et cetera) or cell phones to track steps. Participants can also enter their daily exercise in the app. The Website and app allow participants to track their physical activity, such as biking, walking, swimming and running, to reach their personal and team goals. The site tracks steps and a mile is typically between 2,000 and 2,500 steps.

“Activity helps both our mental and physical health, which means it’s an essential part of living a healthy life. The event offers a friendly challenge to other area employers to participate as a great team building exercise since many are working remotely at this time,” Lee Health President Larry Antonucci said. “The Million Mile Movement is a fun, innovative and inclusive way to empower all of us to be more active. We aim to help our community set healthy goals and motivate everyone to achieve them.”

For more information or to register, visit www.HealthyLee.com.