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Jordan elected as chair and Vaughn as vice chair of school board

By MEGHAN BRADBURY / news@breezenewspapers.com - | Nov 30, 2020

Debbie Jordan took the helm of the Lee County School Board after being voted as the new chairman on Nov. 17.

The board selected Jordan and Melisa Giovannelli as its nominations for chair. After a vote by all board members, Jordan received four yeses electing her as the new chairman. Giovannelli received three.

There were three nominations for vice chair, Chris Patricca, Betsy Vaughn and Melisa Giovannelli. Vaughn was elected the vice chairman with four yeses.

“As I pass the gavel to Debbie Jordan, I thank you all for the opportunity for this past year,” outgoing Chair Mary Fischer said. “I am reminded of the many ways each of you contribute each day to the education we provide our students.”

Fischer went on to say that she has also reflected on the changes and challenges of the past year. She said she is reminded, while the heart of the board is in the right place, the collaboration will move the district forward.

“We will do what is best for the kids in this community. I have seen the thoughtful collaborative work in the development of curriculum, student services and operations, and the growing efforts in the superintendent and department of staff to advance not only their self but colleagues,” Fischer said. “The community partnerships have been nourished and are at an all time high.”

She thanked the board for its friendship and for the opportunities she has had to learn from them all.

“For all the provided support, advice and patience, I am grateful,” Fischer said. “I look forward to working with this board for the remainder of my term.”