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Questions or perhaps considerations to voice

By Staff | Nov 24, 2020

To the editor:

The guest commentary published in the Nov. 11, 2020, issue of the Island Reporter by Adam Zimmerman and Tye Christoff-Tempesta was very well written. I have questions or perhaps other considerations to voice, however.

I think much of our country thinks that somehow we in the United States are at fault for all this “coming global catastrophe.” Did any other reader happen to know that Mars has had a warming trend too? Obviously not as much as ours, but we are closer to our star and we don’t have gasoline-powered vehicles up there. Also of note, our “capitalist economy” has allowed us to create cleaner air for our population in the world. Could it be better? Yes, but not if we are taxed to death and cannot continue to innovate. Finally, I want to address the “elephant in the room.” China, who has stolen much of our technology for their war and spy machine, continues to go back on any “world agreements,” saying the y will “try to clean up our atmospheric pollution.” No guarantees … They are no longer a third world country. They will do what they want, especially since it appears they do not have anyone opposing them anymore. Our smart American people with minions of ballots voted out any chance of that.

Don’t like tweets? President Xi Jinping is smiling …

Dr. Bruce Bielfelt