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County commissioners approve toll transponder agreement


On Nov. 17, the Lee County Board of County Commissioners ed to approve an agreement to allow motorists to use E-ZPass transponders — widely used along the East Coast and beyond — to drive on Lee County toll roads.

The E-ZPass toll network includes 18 states throughout the Northeast and Midwest. The agreement would allow people who already have those transponders to use them on Lee County toll bridges.

“This agreement is very helpful for visitors to Lee County who already use E-ZPass transponders in their own communities,” Commissioner Brian Hamman, chairman of Tourism Development Council, said. “E-ZPass is well established in many of the areas where a majority of our visitors come from, including New York, Massachusetts, Ohio and Indiana.”

The agreement that allows the use of E-ZPass in Lee County is with the Central Florida Expressway, which joined the E-ZPass group in 2018. The Central Florida Expressway would process transactions with no transaction fees charged to the County.

The transponders will be accepted locally starting early next year.

Local motorists can continue to use LeeWay and SunPass transponders.

For more information about Lee County toll programs, visit www.leewayinfo.com.