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Biography of Gonzalez released

By Staff | Nov 19, 2020


New Spring Press recently announced the release of “The Maverick M.D. — Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and His Fight for a New Cancer Treatment.” It is the authorized biography of Gonzalez, a Sanibel resident until his death in 2015, written by award-winning author Mary Swander. The 408-page book portrays a man who fought for the acceptance of a nutritional cancer treatment in the halls of some of the most established U.S. medical institutions. Against intense opposition, Gonzalez’s determination held up until the end — a brave scientist who developed a therapy to save lives and promote the healing of the human mind, body and spirit. It also includes 16 pages of Gonzalez’s life in photos. New Spring Press is managed by his widow, Mary Beth Gonzalez, who also founded The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation. The biography is available on Amazon in paperback and hardcover and for Kindles.