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In The Garden: Fiddle leaf fig is striking for outdoors or indoors

By IN THE GARDEN - | Nov 17, 2020
PHOTO PROVIDED Fiddle leaf fig

“Fiddle leaf fig” sounds like music to my ears. Such a fitting name for a plant whose leaves resemble the shape of violins, the fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrate) is beautifully striking in any Southwest Florida landscape due to its unique appearance. The tree’s easy beauty makes maintenance quite simple and, therefore, a welcome addition to many landscape situations. Although the tree can reach heights of 30-plus feet, you can keep it trimmed to a more desirable height of 10-15 feet rather easily.

The versatile trees like partial shade or filtered sunlight conditions, and they can also adapt to sunnier locations. If you would rather enjoy your fiddle leaf fig within your home, it makes one of the best indoor potted accent plants and is currently one of the favorite interior accent plants used by designers. Because its leaves are so large, it makes a striking green statement in any room and it hardly ever loses a leaf.

As far as caring for the plant, there are a few basic rules. Consistent pruning and shaping is needed in the spring to maintain the tree to your desired size and shape. Regular light watering is needed and if planted outside make sure it is not planted in overly wet soil. Sunlight with partial shade is preferred; it likes our humid conditions as it originated in the rainforest, so it does very well in Florida. If grown indoors, avoid placing your plant in an area that is drafty or directly under a fan as this might dry it out too quickly. With just a little care, the fiddle leaf fig could provide just the vibrant accent you need for your tropical landscape or interior design.

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