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CCP approves update to bylaws on term limits

By TIFFANY REPECKI / trepecki@breezenewspapers.com - | Nov 17, 2020

At its recent meeting, the Captiva Community Panel signed off on an amendment to its bylaws regarding term limits, as well as heard updates on the iguana control MSTU and golf cart signage.

On Nov. 10, the panel voted unanimously 11-0 to amend Article Six, Section 2 of its bylaws by including three additional sentences. The proposed language aimed to clarify vacancy appointments, and if an appointee is eligible for one or two more terms within the panel’s two three-term limit.

Under the approved amendment:

“A panel member filling a vacancy pursuant to Article Six, Section 6.C. for a period of 18 months or more shall be deemed to have served a full three-year term. Such panel member shall be eligible for a second three-year term. A panel member filling a vacancy for a period of less than 18 months shall be eligible for two additional three-year terms.”

Also during the meeting, Administrator Ken Gooderham provided an update on the formation of the possible MSTU to pay for iguana control services on Captiva. He said the petitions had gone out.

In forming a MSTU under Lee County, formal petitions are sent to property owners who would be assessed as part of the new taxing unit. Fifty percent plus one of the total petitions sent must be signed, notarized and sent back — “votes” in favor of the proposed unit — for that MSTU to be approved.

“I’ve gotten a number of calls and emails from people already,” Gooderham told the panel.

He noted that those in favor need to fill out the petition, including their strap number, and sign and return it. Due to the pandemic, the county agreed to waive the notary requirement part this time.

The CCP has until April to secure the needed number of petitions, which is about 600.

Also at the meeting, Treasurer Antje Baumgarten shared on behalf of the panel’s Golf Cart Safety Committee that the Lee County Department of Transportation put up new signage on Captiva Drive.

“We have new signs at ‘Tween Waters,” she said.

The committee had requested the improved signage as a safety measure because some golf carts were going outside of the Golf Cart Zone, which now runs from the island’s north end to ‘Tween Waters.

“We still have to see if they’re going to have an effect or not,” Baumgarten said. “We’re going to monitor that.”

She pointed out that the S-curve still lacks signs.

President David Mintz reported that he had heard from the county about that. Staff were planning to come out again to look at the vegetation and width of the road’s shoulder to see what is possible.


– Mintz reported that the packet related to the CCP’s recommended Code changes, including draft ordinances pertaining to the Lee County Code of Ordinances and Land Development Code, have been been passed along to the county. County officials and staff are currently reviewing the information.

He noted that the panel went through the same process on its Captiva Plan.

“We’re on the trajectory that we should be on,” Mintz said.

– Mintz reported that county staff are preparing and reviewing data for the Roosevelt Channel slow speed zone and it will be included as part of a countywide ordinance relating to manatee zones.

“They expect it to be ready to go by the end of the year,” he said.

– Sea Level Rise Committee Chair Linda Laird reported that the group is looking into additional funding sources and that Lee County recently submitted a proposal that is a “risk assessment of coastal public infrastructure, particularly but not limited to transportation and water and sewer utilities.”

Mintz noted that the county reached out about it.

“Captiva has been included in this and they have asked for our participation,” he said.

– Lee County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Mike Sawicki told the panel about a few more cases of vehicles driving out onto the beach via the beach access points. In one recent incident, a truck got stuck.

“This has also creeped into some of the private accesses,” he said.

Sawicki reported that signage is being worked on to prevent this from happening.

– Mintz reported that the CCP received two additional letters of interest and resumes for the two vacancies opening up next month. In December, the panel will have four people to pick from.