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Sanibel Captiva Pool League

By SAN CAP POOL LEAGUE - | Nov 10, 2020

The Sanibel Captiva Pool League reported that the current standings are as follows:

– Bunts Ball Busters: 62 games

– Sanibel Café: 61 games

– Fresh Legion Crew: 50 games

– Typs ‘n’ Styx: 29 games

On Nov. 2, there was an epic match between Gator and Tarzan, resulting in a surprising sweep by Tarzan. Joe Enright made a surprise trip back to the island to take on Richard McCurry. His trip was triumphant as he swept all four games. Mark Wagner Jr. took on the two Kips, with the Bunts Ball Busters, splitting his four games. Brandi Skog took a well deserved win into three defeats, but played wonderfully. The two Petes’ match was an event for the ages. Both good sticks, Pete Epranian got him 3-1. Merlin took on Butch and his pup, Mia, who is always a welcomed sight, winning three of four.

The league plays on Mondays at 5 p.m. at the American Legion Post 123 on Sanibel.