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BIG ARTS opens exhibit by artist, photographer

By BIG ARTS - | Nov 10, 2020


BIG ARTS has opened an exciting new exhibit featuring works by former News-Press photographer Kinfay Moroti, titled “A Beautiful Struggle.” His stunning and powerful photographs capture the richness and complexity of both black and white lives in Southwest Florida. His work showcases the triumphs and struggles of a community striving toward racial equality.

Moroti has captured moments in communities around the world for over 20 years as a documentary visual journalist. His work from the Iraq War, national political conventions, mass shootings and various other civic and social topics has been published by Time magazine, the New York Times, USA Today and National Public Radio. While at the News-Press, Moroti intimately documented life in the poor communities of Southwest Florida.

Moroti’s work tells the story of struggle and hope that plays out every day across local communities and the country. By using a combination of photographs and objects sourced from the Fort Myers-Dunbar communities, he gives us a rare and beautiful look at his city. Moroti’s exhibit will tie into a discussion he is giving in February as part of the BIG ARTS Talking Points series.

“We’re thrilled to have such a poignant and moving exhibit at BIG ARTS,” Executive Director Lee Ellen Harder said. “We believe art is a vehicle for change and healing and Kinfay’s work exemplifies that. It’s a true pleasure to be able to share it with our island community.”

The exhibit is open for viewing Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Heisler Gallery in the BIG ARTS West Entrance, at 900 Dunlop Road, Sanibel.


Masks and physical distancing are required, and hand sanitizing stations are provided.