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Watson MacRae Gallery opens for new season


WATSON MACRAE GALLERY “Sea Foam #23” by Steffen Philistermann

The Watson MacRae Gallery on Sanibel has reopened for its 13th season with a new format.

In light of the ongoing health crisis, it will host “rolling exhibits” instead of its traditional monthly exhibitions. Owner Maureen Watson explained that as new work comes in, it will go in the gallery and up on the gallery Website at www.watsonmacraegallery.com. Things will be continually changing.

“This will provide a new experience every time you come into the gallery,” she reported.

“For people off island, you can see the new work — where you hadn’t before — giving you an opportunity to enjoy and buy something you love,” Watson added.

She will also do a video to go along with what is happening at the gallery. Her first one, “Not Yet Ready for Prime Time,” is at www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9S2UcuKvSE&feature=youtu.be.

WATSON MACRAE GALLERY “Copper Cadmium Ladder” by Cia Thorn

The season’s first exhibit spotlights Steffen Philistermann and Cia Thorne.

Philistermann’s talents are many, having evolved from woodworking to painting to sculpture and finally into glass blowing, where they coalesced into making unique stone-like pieces. His unique and elegant pieces are painterly, sculptural and textured glass, reflecting Philistermann’s creative path.

Thorne is an innovative artist, ever looking for ways to experiment and push herself and the glass into new creations. Her “Ladder Series” is her latest work. Thorne attended the California College of the Arts and trained with glass masters Pino Signoretto and Martin Janecky. She currently shows her work and teaches classes at the Liquid Light Glass in Santa Fe, California.

For more information, call 239-472-3386 or visit www.watsonmacraegallery.com.

Hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Watson MacRae Gallery is at 2340 Periwinkle Way, Suite G1.