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Fabulous, fragrant marlberry

By SCCF - | Nov 4, 2020

SCCF Marlberry

You know that we have made it out of the summer doldrums when marlberry begins to bloom. When it is not flowering, this shrub is attractive in its own right, but its flowers and fruit really allow it to shine. The light scent of the flowers will waft across the morning air, attracting pollinators. Once spent, the pollinated flowers will develop into round green fruit that ripen to a deep shade of indigo. The berries are a favorite for many different kinds of birds. Preferring a little shade, marlberry can grow to a large shrub or small tree size, with enough density to provide cover for birds as well. It is tolerant of a wide range of conditions from dry to moist soils, and even a small amount of salt exposure. If you are looking for a wildlife-friendly versatile plant, marlberry may be a top pick for you.