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City: Smooth transition to remove plastic bags from waste stream

By CITY OF SANIBEL - | Nov 4, 2020

CITY OF SANIBEL Approved yard and horticulture waste disposal on Sanibel.

Since Oct. 1, the city of Sanibel’s transition to remove polyethylene-based plastic bags from the community’s horticulture and yard waste stream has been smooth, officials reported. Polyethylene-based bags contaminate the mulch and compost products generated at Lee County’s horticulture processing site.

To assist in the transition, 6,400 complementary compostable paper bags from the county were provided to the residents of Sanibel. The supply of free bags is now depleted.

City officials added that yard and horticulture waste may continue to be properly bundled, containerized in refuse containers or disposed of in biodegradable paper lawn and leaf bags.

How to process vegetation waste on Sanibel:

– Yard waste must be placed within 6 feet of the curb by 6:30 a.m. on your pickup day. Yard waste must be separated from residential solid waste. All grass clippings, palm fronds, leaves, pine needles or other similar loose waste, which are properly bagged or containerized, shall be collected.

CITY OF SANIBEL Plastic bags are no longer approved for the disposal of yard or horticulture waste.

– Otherwise, horticultural waste which is not more than 6 feet in length and under 50 pounds per container and placed neatly at the curb in containers, biodegradable paper bags, tied bundles or safety-handled pieces shall be collected. Single loose palm fronds and limbs less than 50 pounds are to be picked up with horticultural waste. Following the holiday season, used Christmas trees may also be picked up with horticulture waste.

– Fencing and ornamental wood borders are not considered yard waste. This type of material is to be disposed of with the regular household garbage.

– Do not place yard waste on empty lots.