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Offshore Sailing School presents courses


OFFSHORE SAILING SCHOOL Participants of a Women’s Week Course at the Offshore Sailing School.

The Offshore Sailing School extended its “Buy Now, Sail Soon” promotion offering savings of 10 percent on four courses at its Captiva location at the South Seas Island Resort. Enroll before Dec. 20 and complete the Learn to Sail, Fast Track to Live Aboard Cruising, Live Aboard Cruising or Fast Track to Power Catamaran Cruising course to earn US Sailing certification.

A Fast Track to Sailing Course, which combines learning to sail with small boat handling and navigation, will take place on Nov. 7-13 on Captiva. In addition, Celestial Navigation and Offshore Passage Making courses are planned starting on March 3.

The Women’s Fast Track to Cruising course — up to four women learn to sail and handle a large cruising boat, earning three US Sailing certifications to skipper boats up to 50 feet — will be offered:

– Feb. 6

– April 24

– Oct. 30

For more information, visit www.OffshoreSailing.com or call 800-221-4326.