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Fire district, board says goodbye to commissioner

By TIFFANY REPECKI / trepecki@breezenewspapers.com - | Oct 20, 2020

TIFFANY REPECKI Commissioner Colon W. “C.W.” Kilgore

The Captiva Island Fire Control District’s commission recently bid farewell to one of its own.

At the Oct. 13 monthly meeting, the commissioners voted unanimously to accept the resignation of Commissioner Colon W. “C.W.” Kilgore. He held Seat 3 on the board and served as its chairman.

“The district and its employees are honored to have worked with Commissioner Kilgore over the past 28 years,” Fire Chief Jeff Pawul said. “We are all sad, but excited for him.”

He explained that Kilgore first became involved with the island district in June 1993 when Kilgore came on as a volunteer firefighter. He eventually became a commissioner in November 1998.

“He has dedicated a tremendous amount of time both as a volunteer firefighter and also a fire commissioner,” Pawul said. “C.W. has been an integral supporter of the advancements this department has made from a mainly volunteer to full-time ALS non-transport fire department as the needs of the island have grown.”

“We are very thankful for the work he has done and the time he has dedicated to make this island safe for all, the residents and guests alike,” he added.

After the approval of the resolution, Commissioners Sherrill Sims and Jeffrey Brown joined staff in wishing Kilgore a warm goodbye and thanking him for his many years of service to the district.

Also at the meeting, the commission approved some additional resolutions.

One was related to amendments to the current Administrative Policies 3-04, 3-05, 3-18, 4-03 and 7-03. Pawul explained prior to the vote that the district’s union had already signed off on the updates.

“I couldn’t change any policy without them approving it,” he said.

The commissioners also approved the purchase of new fire, EMS and prevention software from ESO, a data and software company, to replace the district’s outdated version from the company FireHouse.

“We’ve been using FireHouse for probably 20 years,” Pawul said, explaining that ESO bought it out. “ESO is migrating everything to their platform because they don’t want to carry two platforms.”

He added that the staff uses the software to type up their reports.

It also approved the purchase of a new ice machine to replace the inoperable one at the station.

During the meeting, Pawul provided the commission with an update on the district’s pending ALS license application. It was set to go before the Lee County commission for approval on Oct. 20.

“We’re at the next step where this is going in front of the county commissioners,” he said.

Pawul noted that county officials have weighed in.

“The public safety director has already filled out his recommendation,” he said. “He basically recommended moving forward with it.”

After the BOCC meeting, a public meeting will be held in November.

“The public hearing is a formality as part of it,” Pawul said.


– Pawul reported that the district has started its annual fire inspections.

– The district responded to 43 incident calls in September.