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CEPD works on repairs, new signage

By TIFFANY REPECKI / trepecki@breezenewspapers.com - | Oct 20, 2020

At its recent meeting, the Captiva Erosion Prevention District’s commission heard about improvements for the Alison Hagerup Beach lot, plus a review process for the beach renourishment apportionment.

On Oct. 12, consultant and interim staffer John Riegert reported that the parking meters at the Alison lot have been repaired and new littering signs will be installed on site, as well as at the beach accesses on Wightman Lane and Andy Rosse Lane and at the public access just south of Jensen’s “On the Gulf.”

Signs directing the public to the Alison lot were also put up at Turner Beach due to its closure.

He added that vehicles at the Alison lot are parking far apart, taking up the limited space available.

“We’re going to need to install new parking blocks,” Riegert said.

Also during the meeting, he raised the topic of reselling the luxury bathroom trailer sitting in storage that had been planned for installation at the Alison lot as a replacement for the portable toilets. Bought for $42,375, Riegert said the original salesperson believes the CEPD can recoup $42,000 for the unit.

“Why are we not using it?” Commissioner Rene Miville asked. “What happened?”

Secretary Harry Kaiser echoed the question.

“There’s no easement to run the lines to support it,” Chairman Mike Mullins responded, adding that there are additional reasons also for proposing to resell it.

Riegert was directed to prepare a full report on the situation for the next meeting.

Also at the meeting, consultant and interim staffer Evan Cutler presented a tentative apportionment review process for the CEPD’s upcoming beach renourishment project to the commissioners.

“This is sort of the plan,” he said.

Currently in process is the gathering of apportionment historical information, including the tentative proposals, benefit studies, discussion essays, and past tentative and final apportionments, and gathering community feedback from members like Gerhard Thelen, Carol Wetzel, Robert Adler and Jon Rosen.

The next step would be to run new apportionment models to compare, including straight ad valorem, Homestead discounts, revised common element properties storm damage scenario, storm benefit and ad valorem, and storm benefit and ad valorem for residential and recreational benefit for commercial/institutional.

Future steps would include gathering outside funding projections, such as FEMA grant, state DEP, LGFR, Lee County and revisiting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. At the November meeting, there will be a presentation comparing the potential apportionment models, along with a recommendation on a new Stronge-Jackson apportionment model preparation. In December or January, the new Stronge-Jackson model would be presented with low and high assessment projections, with feedback taken.

Once the commission is satisfied, the tentative apportionment meeting will be scheduled.

Cutler estimated that the commissioners would adopt the tentative apportionment during its February meeting, followed by project completion and then the final apportionments in 2021, 2022 or 2023.


– The commission approved a resolution that approves and supports the proposed activities as outlined in the 2021-22 local government funding request to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and affirms the district’s commitment to provide local funding.

– Mullins recommended that the CEPD hire a forensic accountant to look over its books.

Vice Chair Bob Walter agreed.

“I think it’s just prudent that we do that,” he said, adding that he would like two or three options to pick from and suggested that the interim staff ask the CEPD’s accounting firm for some recommendations.

“I would also like to get a not-to-exceed number,” Walter said.

– Members of the commission are expected to hold a workshop on Oct. 22 with the interim staff to work out the details of a proposed one-year continuance contract, with a possible 30-day notice.

– For September, a total of $46,490 in parking meter revenue was raised at the Alison lot.