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Additional promotions support 10K Race 4 F.I.S.H.

By F.I.S.H. OF SAN-CAP - | Oct 14, 2020

F.I.S.H. of Sanibel-Captiva reported that though the pandemic has impacted businesses, many are supporting F.I.S.H. through sponsorships and events in order to continue to assist island neighbors. In addition to traditional sponsorships, businesses interested in supporting the 10K Race 4 F.I.S.H. were encouraged to host events as a way to safely bring the community together, promote their business and support a community cause. New upcoming events include: Island Therapy, donating $10 per training session in October; MacIntosh Books, donating a portion of sales from customers who visit the shop on Oct. 21; and Rosie’s Café and Grill, donating a portion of sales on Oct. 21-22. To sponsor an event or project between now and Oct. 31, contact Cortese at Dianerc10@gmail.com.