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Swimming pool receives nod of approval from commission

By MEGHAN BRADBURY / news@breezenewspapers.com - | Sep 28, 2020

The Sanibel Planning Commission unanimously approved the construction of a swimming pool and deck, which will be elevated higher than the 7 feet above the existing onsite predevelopment grade, during its meeting on Sept. 22.

Planner Craig Chandler said the discussion was in regards to a plan revision of what was previously approved as part of a single-family home permit with an elevated pool that was not elevated to the extent previously approved to the extent it would require an approval by the commission. Now the plan is to elevate the pool to the extent it would match the lowest level of the floor height at 16.75 feet.

There are a few issues with the subject property at 1036 Bayview Drive. Chandler said the issues include whether the appearance, size and mass of the structure interrupt the rhythm of the existing structures in the neighborhood, whether the proposed dwelling and elevated pool will be inharmonious with the general atmosphere and character of the established neighborhood, and whether it will unreasonably infringe upon the adjoining property owner’s enjoyment of his property with air circulation, light and sunlight.

Also does the proposed elevated swimming pool and deck comply with the Land Development Code’s height, interpretive design guidelines and landscaping requirements for above ground pools.

“Because this is a revision, it sort of simplifies the review in one hand because staff had already completed and found the proposed development to be adequate in terms of compliance with 86-43 (Land Development Code) for single-family home,” Chandler said. “Now, the elevated swimming pool does add some mass to that structure, but if considered as part of the greater development in conjunction with the single-family home, staff continues to find the development consistent with the properties established neighborhood.”

He said the established neighborhood does have elevated and non-elevated swimming pools, and also includes a number of single-family homes comparable in size.

Chandler said any swimming pool higher than 3 feet 6 inches above ground cannot be higher than the lowest floor of the associated structure. He said staff found the proposed work consistent with that standard. The elevation of the pool deck would match the lowest floor.

The design guidelines, as far as the architecture details and the material used for the elevated swimming pool, provides consistency in design between the attached/detached swimming pool.

Lastly, Chandler said relative to landscaping requirements, the property had existing vegetation on the edges of the property. He said the proposed elevated swimming pool will not change previously what was the footprint, as there will be no visual intrusion other than height, which will be accounted for with a row of silver buttonwood at the base of the structure.

With approval, staff recommends 15 conditions with three specific to elevated swimming pools. They include the height of the deck for the proposed elevated swimming pool deck shall not exceed 16.75 feet NAVD; the screen enclosure shall not exceed a height of 32.5 feet NAVD and the vegetation buffer; and 75 percent minimum native tall, medium and small trees, shrubs and groundcovers shall be installed and permanently maintained to effectively screen the proposed residence and elevated pool from adjacent properties.