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Talk about scary

By Staff | Sep 23, 2020

To the editor:

The scariest aspect of Biden being our president is in handling the very complex and difficult job of foreign affairs to which the president has the most authority.

Compare Trump’s management to Obama/Biden’s management.

Under Obama/Biden, the Middle East went from calming down to on fire. Obama first apologized to the Middle East for America being America. Then he took a disastrous step (Only taken once in our history with Vietnam) by prematurely removing our troops after defeating the enemy. This surrendering of our victory in Iraq was very much encouraged if not led by Biden. That resulted in the rise of ISIS which Obama dismissed as the JV team. The JV team then went on to take over half of Iraq and even the very large city of Mosul. They infiltrated Syria, Libya, Africa, Indonesia and many other weak countries.

Even though Obama/Biden denigrated Bush for removing Saddam, Obama/Biden did the same thing with Gaddafi in Libya. That resulted in Libya being a country at war with itself, ISIS gaining another stronghold and our embassy with the ambassador and security being murdered. Obama/Biden did not even respond with help during the embassy attack and then lied about the cause of the attack.

Obama/Biden drew a red line in Syria against chemical welfare and then did nothing to enforce it. His usual speech was made and then he headed for the golf course. Result –chemical weapons continued to be used on citizens.

His tough talk on Russia was again a speech effort. Russia invaded and took over Crimea and started a war in the Ukraine. Obama/Biden didn’t even give Ukraine weapons. A former college professor believes a speech is enough.

Obama/Biden went to extreme effort with lies and compromise after compromise to make a one-sided treaty with Iran that was so bad he did not even present it to Congress knowing that even Democrats would vote against it. Several presidents held Iran’s feet to the fire for decades. Obama merely dismissed all that effort and freed Iran to once again support more terrorism throughout the Middle East while immediately beginning to violate the treaty.

Finally Biden is especially pro-China which has robbed us of over half a trillion in trade deficits every year, stolen our intellectual and manufacturing property while costing us millions of jobs.

Trump didn’t start and end with a speech. He acted first. One example was in April 2018 by destroying an air base in Syria when Syria once again conducted chemical warfare against its citizens with Russia in support.

Trump immediately sent help to Iraq to fight ISIS and set in place a strategy worldwide to end the terror of ISIS. Life became dangerous if you belonged to ISIS. The US successfully found and ended al-Baghdadi’s reign as head of ISIS.

No one has been more firm with Russia contrary to all that Fake News and the Democrats say. Trump provided weapons to the Ukraine and Russia knows that you have to be very cautious with Trump as President.

Trump has introduced tariffs on Chinese goods expelled many of their workers who are really committing espionage in the U.S. and taking action against their intellectual property theft. He is working hard to stop China’s illegal intrusion into our manufacturing and now their intent to expand their territory with Hong Kong, Taiwan and even India at risk.

Today we have the biggest story in the Middle East in decades and Fake News hardly mentions it. Trump has brokered a major step toward the Arabs accepting Israel and there is hope of major steps forward. Israel and United Arab Emirates have signed a peace agreement, the first between Arabs and Israel in decades. Saudi Arabia has agreed to let Israel fly over and there is a likely possibility of other Arab countries joining in this relief of tensions. This would have been front-page, large-letter headlines had it happened under a Democrat. If Trump wins the election, there is a strong possibility that the Palestinian problem can be solved.

Talk is cheap and Biden/Fake News do a lot of it but results are what Americans want not utopian words that never materialize. It is unfortunate that many people will vote on emotion instead of results.

John Benedict

Cape Coral