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Beach parking revenue up on Captiva

By MEGHAN BRADBURY - | Sep 23, 2020


Although Captiva beaches were closed from the middle of March to the end of April, revenue for beach parking is up.

Captiva Erosion Prevention District Treasurer Richard Pyle said for August, parking revenue was $59,000, with the budget set for $28,000. The 11-month revenue has brought in $422,000 with a budget of $311,000.

“The annual budget is at $340,000. We exceeded that by $80,000,” he said.

The commissioners commented that they doubled the amount in revenue and lost zero demand, even with the lost of several months of income because of COVID-19.

There was also discussion regarding the parking signs regarding how much fines are for not paying for parking.

“If people think it is cheaper to pay the fine than the per day rate than we have a problem,” Pyle said.

The commissioners were told that a discussion has been started with the appropriate people in regards to the signage.