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Sanibel continues to conserve water and reduce plastics in the environment

Two important deadlines approach

By Staff | Sep 16, 2020

Decreasing the demand for treated water is the most efficient and least expensive means of meeting our community’s future demands for potable water.

Effective Friday, Sept. 18, in the City of Sanibel, irrigation is permitted only 2 days per week (based upon your property address, odd addresses on Mondays & Thursdays and even addresses on Tuesdays & Fridays). no irrigation is permitted between the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

As of Sept. 18, these regulations now apply year-round, every day. The Ordinance provides exceptions for establishing new landscaping and performing irrigation system maintenance.

Other important provisions of the newly adopted Ordinance:

• Additional watering for up to 90 days following installation of new lawns and landscaping is permitted

• Use of reclaimed water and harvested rainwater for irrigation purposes is allowed any time

• Low volume devices are excluded from restrictions

• Regular maintenance and replacement of worn or broken technology which interrupts or inhibits the operation of an automatic landscape irrigation system is not a violation if such repairs are conducted within a reasonable time.

As of Oct. 1, plastic bags are no longer an approved means of containerizing yard and horticulture waste for collection by the City’s waste hauler for processing at the Lee County horticulture processing site. Polyethylene-based plastic bags contaminate the mulch and compost products generated at the County horticulture processing facility. Yard and horticulture waste may continue to be properly bundled, containerized in refuse containers or disposed of in biodegradable paper lawn and leaf bags.

For questions regarding the Water Conservation Ordinance Contact: Code.Enf@mysanibel.com or call 239-472-4136

For questions regarding Yard and Horticulture Waste Management on Sanibel Contact: Sanpw@mysanibel.com.