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Shell Shocked: Top ten list of things to do on Sanibel

By ART STEVENS - | Sep 1, 2020

Art Stevens

It seems as if everyone in the world has a top ten list so why shouldn’t I? David Letterman is famous for his and so is George Washington.

Top ten lists currently in vogue now consist of the top ten restaurants in Siberia, hotels to stay at in the Arctic Circle, ten best places to cross by high wire and ten best ways to get your wife to stop throwing dishes at you.

My top ten list will top all other top ten lists. It’s a top ten list of places to see and things to do on Sanibel.

10. If you’re a fan of blackened food, then you’re in for a treat. Local ice cream vendors are offering a discount on blackened vanilla ice cream. How it’s made is a well-kept secret. But you can only find it on Sanibel.

9. Sanibel beaches have been stocked with rare sea shells. A couple from Wisconsin proudly displayed their brand new catch from the Gulf — a rib eye sea shell which should be eaten on the rare side.

8. Visit the Sanibel roller coaster which is the highest structure in all of Sanibel. You can hear all the children squealing with fear and delight as the roller coaster protrudes some 5,000 feet into the sky.

7. Play sand bocce on the beach. Yes, it’s difficult rolling a bocce ball through the sand. But the World Series of bocce is still played on Sanibel every Feb. 30.

6. Visit the world renowned paper clip museum on Periwinkle Way. There you will see species of paper clips from the paleolongical age when paper clips were first invented by the caveman Blavo. Blavo’s initial use of the paper clip was to pick his nose, but then he realized he could use it as an engagement present to his wife to be Blavelle.

5. Sanibel’s bull fights are among the most attended in the world. The bulls are ferocious. Their horns are sandpapered to a fine point. And the good news is that on Sanibel the bulls win more often than the bull fighters. Quite a spectacle.

4. When in Sanibel dinner at Joe’s Kangaroo Grill is a must. It’s dining at its best.

3. Take part in Sanibel’s annual 100-mile marathon which lasts for a full week. Although last year’s winner is no longer with us, there are plenty of up and coming marathoners to keep your eye on.

2. Attend Sanibel’s annual Sadie Hawkins Day events during which the women chase the men they’re most interested in. Given the average age of Sanibel residents and visitors, the chase has been scaled down to a quarter of a mile. Any woman who catches a man within that distance gets to take the man home and bake him a butter pecan pie.

1. And number one on the top ten list of things to do on Sanibel is — drum roll, please — sit in a specially made Sanibel rocking chair and nap the day away.

Sanibel has so many outstanding activities to attract visitors. No wonder we’re the number one attraction in the world.