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Virtual bingo planned for World Shorebird Day

By SANIBEL SEA SCHOOL - | Aug 26, 2020


To celebrate World Shorebird Day on Sept. 6, the Sanibel Sea School invites the public to join it in a virtual game of shorebird bingo via Zoom. Participants will spend time at the beginning of the session learning shorebird identification, then will have their identification skills put to the test with the game.

Designed for ages 6-13 years old, the activity is planned for 11 a.m. on Sept. 6. If younger children want to participate, officials recommend having an adult on standby for any needed assistance.

To register for the free activity, email info@sanibelseaschool.org and provide your name and those of the children participating. Password and login information for the Zoom session will be provided.

The bingo cards will be emailed after registration for participants to print out.