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Poetic License: ‘For Marjorie At Seventy-Nine’

By Staff | Aug 11, 2020

Joe Pacheco

(Inspired by Janis Ian)

No truth to learn at seventy-nine

Except that living on is fine.

So many friends now turned to dust,

Their camaraderie once robust.

A few, surviving faint and frail,

Now faraway as memories fail.

No unlived dream for which to yearn –

At seventy-nine not much to learn,

Except sometimes the past unwinds

And leaves a word or thought behind

A song or phrase recalls a scene –

The world was old at seventeen

But still too young for “might have been”

Before the births and deaths begin –

Now living on is fine

At seventy-nine.

You’ve got your true love at your side

To share the times we’ve laughed and cried,

Our magic moments still alive

For love has helped them to survive.

“Together” is now a precious word,

The sweetest song we’ve ever heard

And each new day a Valentine

To share together – at seventy-nine.

No need for old age solitaire

Sheltered in places with despair,

No time to waste remembering when

“Remember was” will come again:

The present’s a wide and shining place

For past and future to embrace

And living on is just divine

At seventy-nine.